From Clicks to Contracts: Driving Luxury Real Estate Conversions Through Precision Digital Marketing

Marketing luxury properties needs multiple touch points. It is highly unlikely that they will purchase the property simply because you placed an ad.

This means that you need a multi-prong approach to marketing your luxury property portfolio.  

This is the framework that DREA employs. We identify the various touchpoints that can significantly improve the chances of attracting the right prospects and converting them to sales.

Our data-driven framework to marketing luxury properties means we extract data points in all touch points, whether it’s through the ads, the content, or the physical event itself.  

Data moves us to the right strategy across the different touch points necessary to turn clicks into prospects.  

1st Touchpoint: The Ad

Ads work because with our precise targeting audiences, you can be sure that the right people see the ad. The first step is to raise awareness, and in order for this to stick, the advertisement must be shown multiple times.

An important ingredient to an ad is the creatives. As visual creatures, we are drawn to ads that help us digest information effectively.  

We’ve developed a good sense for the ads that work well for luxury properties over the years of creating campaigns for real estate developers like you, and we continue to monitor the competition to ensure that our ads don’t look like them so that we can stand out.

2nd Touchpoint: Useful Content

Content serves as a powerful touch point for converting luxury real estate investors.  

Content is often a branding tactic. It helps educate the prospects about the developer and how the luxury property was conceptualized.  

Real estate is a big expense and therefore investors will want to do due diligence before jumping into any deal.  

You can produce content to share more details about the property you are showcasing.  

Videos, write-ups with fantastic images about the property will surely help in building that desire in them to get the property.  

These pieces of content can be hosted in our website, and we can also drive paid traffic to it to complement the social media ads we are running alongside.  

We can integrate within these content pieces your WhatsApp contact details so that they can reach out to you directly.  

We can also help you run a series of articles about your company and the properties you are promoting.  

This increases the touchpoints necessary for your prospects to become aware of your property and to gain interest in it.  

3rd Touchpoint: Physical Events

Event marketing is an excellent way to convert your prospects into actual buyers of your luxury properties.  

Research shows that companies that use event marketing as a lead generation strategy have a 25% higher lead-to-sale conversion rate. 

Of course, most of your attendees will still not convert at the real estate seminar or workshop. But it remains to be a fantastic first touch point for many of your prospects because of the interaction and the possible conversations you can use to build rapport and genuine connection.  

Also, the more people you get to attend your physical event, the more reputable your company becomes. It gives the feeling that the property you are showcasing is safe to invest in because many people are interested in it.  

Yuet Whey Siah, CEO of DREA, with executives from MQDC, the leading luxury property developer in Thailand, in a recent property roadshow in Singapore.

Plus, you can give exclusive discounts for attendees to sweeten the deal.  

That face time you get with your high-intent prospects is invaluable. You get to have a conversation and address their objections immediately.  

Among the touch points, this is the biggest and most important because this is where they spend time the most and if done well will be very memorable to them.  

Visit our website to learn more about our services or drop us a message over at our WhatsApp so we can learn more about your luxury properties and events that you wish to be promoted.  

Always remember that it’s a whole buyer journey from clicks to contracts. The more touch points, the better chance of converting a prospective investor.  

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