Is Bangkok Real Estate still worth investing in?

For investors looking for solid rental income, Bangkok would be at the top of their list. With its growing expatriate community and the revival of the tourism industry, there’s no shortage of tenants looking for quality residences for the long-term especially in the Asok, Thonglor and Sukhumvit areas.  

Traditionally, Bangkok’s rental market has consistently experienced strong demand from expatriates hailing from Japan, the United States, Europe, China, Singapore, and Malaysia. Increasingly there has also been a noticeable rise in the number of Mainland Chinese expats relocating to Bangkok, leading to a heightened demand for properties in Thailand, as observed by the Thai Real Estate Association. These Chinese expatriates are not moving alone; they are often accompanied by their families, including their children who attend international schools, and their grandparents who serve as caregivers. 

Economy-wise, Thailand is doing well. In 2022, Thailand’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) expanded by 2.6%. Inflation increased to a manageable 2.83% year-on-year earlier this March 2023 while unemployment dropped to 1.32% in 2022.  

Top View of Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit 

In terms of areas that have strong rental demand in Bangkok, investors should consider the Sukhumvit area where condominiums are enjoying an exciting quarter-on-quarter rental growth of 8.6% according to a recent CBRE report1. According to JLL2, rents for buy-to-let condominiums and owner-occupied apartments have increased by a significant 54%. 

Sukhumvit is popular with expatriates because of its vibrant nightlife and is home to some of the finest dining and shopping destinations in Bangkok. Right in the center of all these is Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit, a landmark condominium project by the esteemed award-winning property developer, Magnolia Quality Development Corporation (MQDC). 

Main Entrance of Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit 

One of the most exciting features of Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit is its accessibility. Situated on the main road, Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit boasts an exceptional location directly in front of BTS Ekkamai Station, a mere 250m away. Moreover, residents will find St. Andrew International School, one of Bangkok’s most reputable international schools, conveniently positioned just across the road.   

The Sukhumvit Hospital is within close proximity, only a few steps away, while the Bangkok Medical Center is conveniently situated 500m away, providing immediate access to medical care. For daily essentials, the Gateway Department Store is situated a mere 350m from your doorstep. Furthermore, residents can immerse themselves in Bangkok’s renowned shopping district in less than a 10-minute drive away. The EM District features iconic luxury shopping malls such as The Emporium, EmQuartier and the upcoming EmSphere, which is set to open in October 2023 that will further enrich your shopping experience. 

Sukhumvit, without a doubt, is the ideal address for both locals and expatriates. Whether you prioritize seamless transport infrastructure, access to world-class healthcare facilities, indulgent culinary experiences, or a vibrant retail scene, Sukhumvit delivers an elevated living experience that is unmatched by any other locale.  

Interior of Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit 

Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit is uniquely designed for the multi-intergenerational lifestyle where family members of different ages can live together under one roof. The condominium units, ranging from 47 sqm to 241.5 sqm, have 3-meter-high ceilings and are designed to be versatile where the layout can be reconfigured to suit the family’s everchanging lifestyle.  Every unit is also equipped with a multipurpose nook for multi-intergenerational use. This flexibility allows mothers to use the nook for tea parties with their friends or grandparents can use it as their private reading area. Children can also turn it into a study den.  

Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit’s facilities also create the setting for family bonding time. On the 37th Floor, facilities such as the BBQ Garden allow families to organize shared activities.  There are also various courtyards in the Tri-Garden where moms and toddlers can enjoy the early morning light in the English Courtyard, while the Gourmet Courtyard offers everyone in the family the opportunity to plant herbs and vegetables together.   

Infinity Sky Pool at Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit  

If your family is interested in health and wellness, head on to the 32nd floor where there’s the Infinity Sky pool, Hydrotherapy pool and Thermal pool suitable for all ages. There’s also the gym studio with a private spa and sauna to soothe your tired muscles after a good workout. Don’t forget to enjoy the complimentary afternoon tea served after your daily pool session!

Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit is also a safe space for your family to live in, equipped with intelligent security robots that safeguard the well-being of your loved ones. Renowned as one of Thailand’s most reputable property developers, MQDC has won over 40 prestigious accolades for their exceptional accomplishments in design, development, sustainability, and innovation. Furthermore, MQDC reinforces their iron-clad commitment to quality and excellence by providing a 30-year warranty on four key areas of structural components, including the roof, window and door, pipes, and electrical systems.

MQDC’s 30-year warranty on four key areas of structural components, including the roof, window and door, pipes, and electrical systems. 

Multigenerational living is a cultural practice seen in diverse societies, including Chinese and many other Asian cultures. These homes foster togetherness and support through shared spaces for multiple generations and facilitate proximity for the effective care of both young children and aging seniors. With rising home costs and increasing apartment rents, multigenerational living is gaining popularity. This makes multigenerational homes an attractive investment opportunity for rental income-seeking investors. 

Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit is the complete package for expatriate families seeking the epitome of luxury living. With an impressive array of essential amenities such as hospitals, international schools, and shopping districts only minutes away, residents have every convenience at their fingertips. Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit is an ultra-luxury condominium that sets the bar high and excels at meeting the diverse needs of every generation. When considering its quality, price, and location, the exceptional value it provides outshines other luxury properties in the same vicinity. With only a limited number of units remaining, this is an opportunity that you wouldn’t want to let slip away. 

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